Cake session

When a family visit my photography studio with their new baby, innocently sleeping, curled up as if they were in the womb, they know all too well that so much will change in such a short amount of time.
By the time clients come back to me for first birthday photo shoots, the baby has transformed into a bundle of fun and is literally bursting with personality! It’s genuinely an absolute thrill to have them return to me and for me to see how much the baby has changed in that first year.



Newborn session

Filip was my last newborn in 2017.I’m sure you’ll agree that he’s absolutely beautiful, and although he was keen to stay awake to find out what was happening around him. It took us a while to get him settled (he seems to have a massive appetite for someone so small!) but once he was well fed he was just perfect.


Newborn session

This little princess wasn’t perfect sleeper,but she was still kind enough to sleep a little bit for me. Even when she wasn’t sleeping she was lovely and content, watching me with her beautiful big eyes and flinging her arms all over the place! Here’s a little preview from her photoshoot : )


Newborn session

Alicja she is such a sweet and beautiful girl.Thank you so much Mum and Dad for bringing her to me and congratulations on her safe arrival! I loved every minute in her company.


Newborn session

I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s absolutely beautiful, and although she was keen to stay awake to find out what was happening around her, we did manage to get a few very cute sleepy shots. Here is a little selection of my favourite photos from the session : )


Newborn session

This sweet baby boy was just 6 days old when I met him.He was a bit reluctant to sleep for us at first, keeping a watch on what we were up to with his big blue eyes, but he couldn’t fight it for long and was soon fast asleep. Here are a few of my favourites from the session


Newborn session

As a newborn photographer I see a lot of babies, and I always love seeing the variations in their little hairstyles. One of the first things Oliver’s parents said to me was that his hair had a life of its own, and they were right! I love how it just sticks up in every direction, it makes him look so cool. It took us a little while (and quite a lot of milk) to get Oliver to sleep, but it was definitely worth the wait.